Two Girls Teach Sex – Making Her Squirt!

You can watch my video review of Two Girls Teach Sex below, then find out how the techniques worked out for me underneath that.

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Two Girls Teach Sex – Getting To Grips With The Techniques

After i’d been through the whole two girls teach sex course and tried out some of the stuff i’d learned, I wanted to get some more action and push the boundaries a bit. So, I was going to try out the squirting orgasms technique next.

Again, me and my friend paul hit a local club called Fuel and were on the lookout for some hot girls. There were a couple of girls on the dancefloor, a blonde and a brunette, who I liked the look of, so we headed over and started to dance with them.

Things were going well and we were bumping and grinding around, having fun, so I took the brunette by the hand and lead her to the bar were we got chatting.

I left paul to work his magic on the dancefloor (I say magic…paul isn’t a very good dancer to be honest…sorry paul lol!), anyway the brunette was called katrina and after some drinks she was happy to come back to mine for some fun.

Two Girls Teach Sex

This time I went through all the stuff i’d learned from two girls teach sex, I warmed her up, built the antcipation, and reeaaaalllllly made the foreplay last a looooooong time (make sure you spend time on foreplay boys!).

Katrina was nice and relaxed, and very wet. So, I kissed my way down her body and positioned myself ready to finger her.

I didn’t tell her that I was going to make her squirt. There are a couple of reasons for this that I learned in two girls teach sex. First, if you tell her your plans, she might not feel relaxed, almost like she’s expected to perform (squirt). This can be a mental block that stops her from just letting herself go and enjoying it.

Second, I didn’t know if had squirted before. If she hadn’t, and I told her I was going to make her squirt, she might have not believed it was real or possible, and that could have been another mental block that stops it from happening.

So, I just entered her with one finger and slowly caressed her vaginal walls before settling my finger on her g-spot (front vaginal wall about 2-3 inches inside, if you didn’t know). I began stroke a steady rhythm with a medium pressure at first.

Then as she was starting to enjoy it more and more I began using two fingers and pressed a bit harder. Just like the two girls teach sex course descirbes, I could feel her rigid g-spot area becoming larger as it fills with blood.

I kept looking up at Katrina to see if she was into it, and seemed to be so I kept at it. After 15 mins my arm was aching a little but she was startung to gasp and breathe heavier so I felt confident I was doing it right.

Now, if you’ve never seen a girl squirt before, I mean in real life, wooooaaaaah! She was lovin’ it and her body was shaking, then boom! She came a squirted on my hand and arm. That felt good making her squirt.

The rest of the night was more fun, and she was awsome in bed!

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The Next Morning

So, me and Katrina woke up late about 11.30 and started chatting. I asked her if she had a good, just to subtly get some feedback. She said it loved it and thought I must’ve been with loads of girls to get that good (that’s not the case btw, I haven’t been with loads of girls just yet).

She also said that she had squirted before and I did it just as well as the other two guys who made made her squirt before. Nice one!

After a quick breakfast, she had to go. But, she did give me a freekin’ great blow job before she left. Good times.


Two Girls Teach Sex – Worth Getting?

I’ve been through all of the two girls teach sex course and tried out a lot of the things i’ve learned including a couple of the more advanced stuff like making a girl squirt. Overall i’m super impressed.

I know so much more about the female body, how to work it, and what not to do, I almost don’t know how I got by before. I’d recommend it anyway.

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