2GTS – Here’s What Happend When I Tried It

Before getting the 2GTS course, I wasn’t exactly confident with girls to say the least, and I wasn’t too great in bed either. So, after i’d been through the DVDs a couple of times and I was feeling ready to get out there and try some of the techniques out.

You can watch my video review of 2GTS below, then read how I did with the techniques below that.

Note: This is only my experience using 2GTS, click here to go to the actual 2 Girls Teach Sex website.


Watch My Video Review & See Clips From The DVDs

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My First Encounter After Learning From 2GTS

Some friends and me went out to a club one weekend and were having a few drinks, a few laughs, generally having a good time. But, I was on the look out girls of course. I really wanted to give this stuff a try and i’d seen a pretty hot looking girl chatting with her friends near the bar.

I took a deep breath and headed over there and we started chatting. She was really nice and after some drinks I was able to get a kiss. As the club wasn’t open much longer, she asked if i’d like to go back to her place. I didn’t need asking twice!

We got a taxi, and when we got to her place we had another drink and sat on the couch. I was feeling a little nervous, but I just kept calm and used some of the techniques from 2GTS to get her going.

I kissed her very softly at first, caressed her through her clothes, then I touched and kissed her neck, ears, and lips. She was REALLY in the mood now!

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Between The Sheets


It was time to get things moving so I took her hand and we headed upstairs to the bedroom.

While kissing, I slowly started to undress her, but used the anticipation techniques i’d learned from 2GTS to make her wait to be touched directly on her pussy.

After i’d stripped her down to her panties, i’d laid her on her back and lent down to kiss her neck, lips, and tits.

I worked my way down her body, making sure I kissed and licked the sides of her body (a lesser known, but VERY sensitive hot spot on a womens body, there are more in the 2GTS course!).

Finally I took off her panties and teased around her pussy for a few minutes with my tounge. This anticipation drove her wild. She was very wet and desperate to be touched.

So, I went down on her for a about 15 minutes or so, remembering everything from the 2GTS course. She was clearly enjoying it and so was I actually! Eventually her hips bucked and she had a great orgasm.

I had decided to use the 2GTS Multiple Orgasm Method and give her another orgasm before I entered her. This time I used the fingering techniques i’d learned to stimulate her g-spot. I slowly slid one finger in and located her g-spot (rigid area, 2inches in, on the front wall) and started to stroke the area firmly.

She was getting into it, so I started using two fingers while keeping the rhythm steady. It was great, but my arm was hurting a little ‘cos I wasn’t in a very comfy position.

I won’t be lying like that again! Still, I kept going and after 10 mins she was really close, so I kept at it untill she came again.

Even if the rest of the night didn’t work out, I was very happy with myself at this point! She looked quite happy as well actually…lol. Anyway, now I was ready to try out some more 2 Girls Teach Sex moves.

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Getting Down To Business With The 2GTS Positions

After those two orgasms she was super wet and horny as hell, but I wasn’t done yet. I wanted to use some the positions i’d learned from the Advanced Sex Positions 2GTS DVD. I wanted to get mine for sure, but not before giving this girl another orgasm.

I moved her into some different takes on positions you’ll know like doggy and spooning, but I always made sure I was thrusting in a way that was hitting her front pussy wall (g-spot).

I’d never really thought about the angle, depth, and rhythm of my thrusts before going through 2GTS. But, this worked incredibly well.

She actually came quite quickly, no doubt thanks to the first two orgasms warming her up, but these positions were killer! I was enjoying it too, and knowing she was loving my cock was a great feeling!

All the techniques I got from 2GTS were really effective, both the practical techniques and the stuff I learned about Presence, Authority, Variety, and Emotion (the PAVE system…it’s awsome trust me!).

I had more to learn and to try out, but for the first time using any of the 2GTS stuff, I was VERY happy. And this girl wouldn’t let me go in the morning without getting my number! Anytime babe….lol.


Is 2GTS Any Good?

Did you just read this page or not?!…of course 2GTS is good! It’s freekin’ awsome! I’d only used a few of the tecniques in the course and I was making this girl come without too much work at all.

Since then i’ve tried some of the more advanced and adventurous techniques, you can click here to read more about my encounters using Two Girls Teach Sex.

Bottom line, I don’t regret getting 2GTS at all, and I doubt you would either. It’s been a massive help! .

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    Looks cool but not sure about getting it. Anyone actually got this course?

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